Ever wonder where your business has the power to take you?

Do you have the dream of planning a retreat of your own?

Planning a retreat

But you don’t know where to start planning a retreat?

Figuring out how to start a retreat program would take forever ...

You already have too much on your plate?

Planning a retreat seems more like a dream than a reality?

It’s Time To Stop Saying Maybe and
Step Into The Sun!

host a retreat

Introducing ...

Retreats In A Box

Your all-in-one retreat planning service

Are you a motivated self-starter with a desire to travel? Don’t know where to start?

We are here to say you can have it all and the world is at your doorstep.

How about leading your next workshop looking over the lush valleys of Costa Rica ?
Or inspiring your class with an audience of sea lions and tortoises in the magical Galapagos ?

how to run a retreat

Retreats in a Box makes dreams like this possible!

In fact , planning your own retreat
is easier,
more profitable &
more rewarding than you may think.

Retreats in a Box is made for people like you - by people like you.  You already know how to run a successful business. With Retreats in a Box, you don't need to know how to start a retreat business.  You can host a retreat, with none of the hassle! That far-fetched dream you may have of booking a plane ticket to your own amazing retreat can become a reality.

Who is Retreats in a Box for?

We know how to plan a retreat for many different types of clients.  No matter the profession, there is a retreat business plan that can be customized for the type of experience you are looking to create.

Life Coaches

Finding a new outlook on life comes faster over an outlook of a Galapagos sunset.

Yoga Instructors

Leave the “Sounds of the Ocean” CD at home and let the natural sound of Costa Rica take over.

Couples Therapy

Sometimes all it takes to reconnect is a 3,000 mile trip away from regular life.

Business Meetings

Discover how conversation and ideas form in a relaxed environment.

Writing Workshops

Nothing drives the narrative faster than peaceful & tranquil surroundings.

Wellness Retreats

It’s far easier for people to unplug when they’re thousands of miles away in paradise.

Let's Start Planning Your Retreat Today!

"Jennifer* provides a caring environment with attention to detail, efficiency and seamless professionalism"

- Ruth, Physician 

* the brains behind the retreat planning business.  You'll meet her below.

Forget the Advil. 

There are no headaches where you're going. 

If you think the process of retreat planning is extremely difficult - I’m sorry to say, but you’re dead right.

Promoting your retreat online, preparing air-tight legal documents, tracking down a suitable resort, organizing all the strategic planning, creating and remembering everything on the retreat planning checklist ... you’re starting to get overwhelmed reading this paragraph, aren’t you ?


With Retreats in a Box,
all of your bases are covered !

how to create a retreat

Retreats in a Box is a program that removes all the stress and anxiety that comes when planning a retreat for small groups. Retreats in a Box in an all-in-one retreat planning solution that allows you to shift your primary focus to your business, and your growing community. We take care of all the heavy lifting .

planning a yoga retreat

What’s Included in the Box*?

(*not a literal box of course)

An exceptional venue which will dazzle your participants. (seriously ... we deliver the wow factor)

A professional marketing strategy including a web sales page to help promote and sell your retreat. (You can create the perfect retreat but if nobody knows about it then it won't have an impact.  Don't worry, we got this.  We have the perfect copywriter & graphic designer team!  We don't just tell you what to do ... we do it for you. This monumental step will take your retreat from good to great!).

The collection of monies from participants (headaches avoided, we do all the heavy lifting).

The legal documents required to protect yourself and your participants (a must have and often forgotten).

All communication and negotiations with the venue including payments and attrition management (eliminate all the back and forth ... and there is A LOT of back and forth!)

Support designing your itinerary & making the experience amazing for your guests (we've done this before and happy to share our experience).

A step by step retreat business plan to ensure no detail is missed (it's ALL in the details and we have your back).

All that’s required of you is to create amazing workshop content and support spreading the word to your community about your amazing getaway!

"Jennifer does an amazing job of organizing.  She has great insight into keeping things running smoothly and is flexible in her planning to adjust programming to suit her clientele"

- Susan, Yoga Studio Owner 

how to start a retreat
retreat planning guide

You're Jumping Into A Booming Industry

You have the opportunity to take full advantage of one of the fastest growing markets. Wellness and corporate retreats are exceptionally popular.

Global wellness tourism grew 20% from 2013 to 2015.

(Global Wellness InstituteTM -
Statistics and Facts)

3.2 billion workers are unhappy and unwell.

(Global Wellness InstituteTM -

Statistics and Facts)

The wellness industry is a $3.7 trillion business.

( Global Wellness InstituteTM – Wellness Trends to Watch in 2017)

People are looking to be inspired. They are looking for self-improvement. They are looking for something new, something more .

You have the opportunity to offer them
an unforgettable experience!

retreat planning template

Who knew that travelling to do what you love in some of the world’s most stunning locations could be so profitable?

What Can I Expect From a Retreat?

Amazing food
Who want’s to learn on an empty stomach? We make sure the dishes are as inspiring as your workshop.

Great moods, refreshed, relaxed, recharged - these are a sampling of words you will constantly hear from your guests.

The resorts we pick are exclusive to your group only. That means no lines, crowds, or interruptions.

Peace and Quiet
It's amazing how substituting traffic, kids, and your loud neighbours for gentle waves on rocks can really help you focus.

Productive sessions
Free from the distractions of normal day to day life, people tend to focus, connect, and learn.

When the session starts, the fun really begins. Guests can get up to snorkeling, hiking, kayaking and a wide array of activities.

Retreats in a Box is right for you if:

You want a turnkey retreat planning solution which allows you to teach in a beautiful setting while still earning money.

You already have a community established and have channels like email and social media to communicate with them effectively.

You are confident in the value of your retreat offering and feel you will be able to attract at least 10 participants.

You want to partner with another dynamic entrepreneur to effectively execute an amazing retreat experience for your community.

You are responsive and take responsibility when partnering with others.

You have big retreat dreams but limited time as your core focus is providing value to your business.

You want to create an opportunity to showcase your exceptional value to your community and use a retreat as a springboard to sell your higher end solutions.

You are eager to visit some of the world's most beautiful locations doing what you love - and get paid doing it!

Let's Get A Conversation Started!

My name is Jennifer Thorne, and I’m the Founder of Retreats in a Box. I help busy, self-starters create and promote their own magical retreat experiences. 

Over 20 years working in a corporation has trained me to be productive, efficient, extremely organized and customer focused. My training as an Integrative Coach, yoga instructor and yoga therapist has blessed me with the wisdom and understanding of the yoga and wellness community. As the founder of Nourish - Retreats for the Mind, Body & Soul, I understand retreats. You can say I was born to do this!

Jennifer Thorne

Let's have fun & do this together!

Each Retreats in a Box experience is a partnership where you and I are heavily vested in the outcome of the experience.

When you’re successful, I’m successful.
This work is truly a joy for me and I bring that positive attitude to all my retreat relationships.

"It was a pleasure to work with Jennifer to design and eventually host this Galapagos adventure. Her research was thorough and exact, and her enthusiasm contagious. Jennifer's glowing character shone through months and months of planning and carried all the way through to the end of the retreat, and thereafter! Her clients were left absolutely enchanted with an experience that ran smoothly and without a hitch. And that, by no small measure, was due to Jennifer's energy, diligence and professionalism. We wish Retreats In A Box the greatest success on this exciting new path and look forward to welcoming their next group to the Galapagos Islands."

- Robert Grimstone, Proprietor, Semilla Verde Boutique Hotel

Do you believe the Retreats in a Box retreat planning solution is perfect for you?

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* We are only able to take on a limited number of clients at a time due to the care, dedication, and hard work  we put into each retreat to ensure our client's dreams become a reality.

Let’s See Where Your Passion Will Take You!

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