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Costa Rica

Reclaim your authentic joy in breathtaking surroundings!

If you yearn to wake up smiling and spend each day resiliently uplifted then
Re-Ignite Play is for YOU.
Do you hunger for connection with your authentic self – honouring mind, body and soul?
Do you long for fun in your everyday routine?
Has boredom, sadness or isolation crept into your life?
Have you forgotten how to make your life joyful?
Do you yearn for the freedom to follow your playful impulses?
If you crave an unforgettable vacation of smiles and connecting with yourself to find inexhaustible delight, Re-Ignite Play! Costa Rica is the place for you.
Here’s why:
  • Because you’ll laugh and laugh!
  • You get to learn about yourself in fun and compelling ways with international teacher Erin Byron
  • Luxuriate in the sensory delights of mouthwatering meals, sweet clean air and the pampering comfort of a spa atmosphere
  • Entrancing excursions hit your “Joy-spot”​
  • You will revel in the wonder and beauty of this lush mountainside resort
  • Take home new skills, a greater capacity for self-appreciation and a one-of- a-kind artisanal keepsake: a treasure that holds all the memories and joyful moments at Re-Ignite Play!

Look across the wide, pure mountain ranges towards the Pacific Ocean.

See your own beauty and potential.

Sense that life is feeding you insights, clues and encouragement. Decadent meals, unique inner and outer journeys, customized workshops to meet your deepest longings…every moment lovingly crafted to amuse and uplift you! Bask in appreciation for your body and innermost desires as you experience simple, practical ways to meet the calling of your soul. 

Nourish your senses with an array of foods, flora, and everything you can imagine to pamp er your muscles and rest your weary head.

Want to experience this awesome feeling?

This retreat is for you. 

Show me the laughter


Incite Joyful Aliveness with These Amazing Retreat Features!

Each day at Re-Ignite Play is a doorway to new and different ways to play.

Move freely, indulge your senses, and explore new realms of personal potential through art, sharing and laughter. Morning yoga classes and personal exploration workshops empower your embodiment of joy. Every afternoon event reveals more doorways to happiness.

You’ll spend a glorious six fun-filled days and five peaceful nights plugging into that spirited spark tucked away inside of you.

Are you ready to see the world through laughing eyes?

Retreat Program Features

Classes & Workshops with Renowned Personal Growth Author & Therapist

Erin Byron, MA, brings you one-of-a-kind workshops to connect you with your lost self. Her good-natured approach combines ancient wisdom with modern science to help you meet your individual happiness needs.

Mastermind a clear path to your essential, playful self in a profound yet amusing learning environment. Erin provides insight and down-to-earth strategies you can start using right away. Apply the ability to get more laughs-per-hour than you thought possible each day.

Enchanting Location

Nestled in the Central American rainforests, Costa Rica is a healing, inspiring place. Over half its flourishing land is protected, making it a haven for plenty of rare species. The Retreat at Altos Del Monte features ample bird-watching from the terrace of your room or one of the resplendent outlooks.

Perched above the Pacific Valley, The Retreat immerses you in the bright colors of Costa Rica. Breathe in breezes wafting from the pure mountains. Friendly staff await your every request and the heated pool, open air Jacuzzi, organic spa and unbelievable food – available at all times – are yours to savor.

Phenomenal Excursions & Super-Fun Events Boost Your Own Inventiveness

Every moment ignites a playful life as you reconnect with your joyful nature. Free your pent-up self in SOL dance, craft “Skin Food” spa treatments and hula hoop ankle-deep in natural pools. Identify your playful passions in movement, form and color as you freely pleasure in the expressive arts hub, hot tub or yoga class.

Connect to your heart’s desires each day and top the retreat off sipping cacao in a musical ceremony. Be creative in how you sculpt this new, happier version of yourself.

Luxurious Self-Care

Boutique rooms, spectacular views, oxygen-rich air and a heated pool. Starlit hot tub, ambrosial spa treatments, unending superfood treats. Cleansing personal reflection, meaningful conversations, loads of laughs. This uplifting retreat gets you in touch with caring for you.

There is a tantalizing selection of flavours at each meal. The chefs go out of their way to ensure that your unique flavor and dietary needs are met through the delectable experiences from the kitchen of The Retreat at Altos Del Monte. Get more out of each meal as you eat in the open air.

Workshops, Yoga & Spontaneous Frivolity

You are here to have fun. It’s our #1 Mission at Re-Ignite Play!

Unearth your playful path through powerful education. Erin has 20 years experience as a psychotherapist and yoga teacher. Realize the tricks, tools, and secrets that connect you to abiding meaning and happiness.

Be light-hearted in yoga class as you explore strength, comfort and humor through customized movement sequences. No matter your age, size, shape or condition, your body will appreciate the opening, self-protection and sheer pleasure of conscious movement.

A Foodie's Delight!

Each day brings you a decadent dining experience. Never-seen-before selections to appeal to even the most discerning tasters. Each meal, the chefs go out of their way to bring you a selection of savory flavors.

A wide spread of options start the day, with mouth-watering lunches to suit a variety of palates and healthy living advocates. Scrumptious, nutritious snacks are available all day. The speciality three-course dinner each night brings you delicious surprises as familiar flavors are taken to the next level of tasty.


You bring more than just life-changing memories home from Re-Ignite Play! Your side-splitting escapade is captured in the pampering products Nourish Retreats provides. 

Most meaningful of all, you place your deepest intention into a pendant which becomes a stunning jewelry, crafted exclusively for you by a local artisan. This necklace will forever remind you of your profound adventure in Costa Rica and act like a beacon for playfulness each time you wear it.

Click HERE to download the full itinerary for this enchanting experience.

That. Sounds. Amazing.

Re-Ignite Play in the life-affirming Costa Rican landscape as you:
  1. Discover the unique key that unlocks YOUR playful soul
  2. Learn the #1 way you are ruining your own fun (without even knowing it!) and how to never do it again
  3. Move, laugh, savour and create your way into vibrant aliveness
  4. Gain insight into the ancient yogic practices for lasting joy
  5. Uncover true humour, even in the darker places
  6. Play daily games to re-grow the size and shape of your happy brain
  7. Reveal the unfailing secret to “up” the fun…no matter what!

The Venue 

You will be staying at a private resort nestled in the lush mountains above the Pacific Valley. The Retreat at Altos Del Monte is famous for keeping its guests utmost contentment the top priority. 

A jolly experience has been planned for you and you will enjoy plenty of free time, as well! Nap, dabble at the expressive arts station, paddle around the heated pool, or bird-watch from one of the eye-popping lookouts around the resort. There is a telescope on the yoga terrace for stargazing and you have 24-hour access to the Jacuzzi! 

A range of spa treatments are available for you, featuring locally-made, organic, edible products so succulent and naturally aromatic you will want to eat them!

The Retreat prides itself on an accessible kitchen, with 3 stellar chefs who astound your senses with daily works of art. They are happy to accommodate any dietary needs and have found new ways of making raw, vegan, gluten- or dairy-free or other specialty foods more sumptuous than you can imagine. Enjoy nightly gifts of nutritious foods and simple recipes to keep the spa experience going in your own kitchen.

Your classes and workshops take place at the outlook, where you can gaze across the awe-inspiring mountains and enjoy a broad view to the Pacific Ocean. Talk about inspiring!

"What an amazing experience and opportunity to spend time with yourself, your thoughts, and other wonderful people."


Wow! I want to stay there!

You are invited…

Expect Lots of Fun!

Envision yourself awakening in the restorative mountain air of Altos Del Monte, Costa Rica.

You slip out of the crisp sheets and beyond your boutique room for a uniquely-styled yoga class with 20-year yoga therapist and author, Erin Byron.

Afterwards, nourish yourself with good food and company as you enjoy a broad array of breakfast options including fresh, local fruits, hand-made granola, or organic eggs - made your way! - and a tropical, superfood smoothie.

"live the life of your dreams"

Learn how to live the life of your dreams in workshops that give you the tools and motivation for action. Experience fun and play the way you really want to: through direct experience! Discover where your playfulness is buried! A guided archeology mission reveals simple strategies you can apply right away to bring you a phenomenal level of laughter in life.

An internationally-themed lunch thrills you with its elevation in flavor and creativity. Will it be a Thai-themed day, with the popular Green Papaya “Noodles” Marinated in Pineapple Chicha? Maybe it’s off to Japan for raw sushi and cauliflower “rice”. No matter which exotic location inspires the meal, it is always inspired by heaps of local fare.

Once your taste buds and belly are satisfied, you will be whisked away on a free-spirited adventure

to enliven your curiosity, inventiveness and sense of play. From rejuvenating SOL Dance to a hula hoop lesson in shallow mountain pools, a walk to an historic gold mine, to crafting “skin foods” like facial smoothies, each day offers you the chance to experiment with self-expression and connecting to the magical Costa Rican nature.

After the mid-day frolicking, amplify your relaxed vitality with a gourmet three-course dinner. These nightly indulgences are inspired by the on-site organic gardens and the chefs’ passion for delectable flavors. Take your time savoring each palate-pleasing mouthful.

Regroup on the yoga terrace overlooking the picturesque mountains for a sharing circle. This is your time to unwind and be amused, letting others in on the humorous highlights of your day. When the laughter quiets you will be eased into a comforting night’s sleep with simple yoga practice for your nervous system, energetic, and emotional wellbeing. Sweet dreams await....

Explore all the playful details HERE.

This retreat sets up a bright new trajectory for your life. Immersion is the most comprehensive way to learn.

Get YOUR playful self back on a retreat that nurtures your body, mind, humor, and spirit!

Connect to an expansive sense of aliveness that lingers long after you return home.

Steep yourself in a vibrant, life-changing environment with other intelligent, enthusiastic, compassionate, creative women.

Follow the clues to your inner sense of humor. Perceive the simple, specific changes you can make to set yourself up for a lifetime of laughter and play.

"My experience with Nourish Retreats - Aruba was beautifully life changing. The environment created by the Nourish team helped me shed layers of stagnant energy and release all heaviness that was holding me back from being free. I felt lighter and confident to move forward to establish the life that I want for myself, one that is filled with joy, laughter and love. Nourish Retreats is for anyone who is ready to make positive changes in their lives. You will be supported by an amazing team who will nurture and empower you to see your gifts and be the best you.."


Yes I want more joy in my life! Who wouldn't!?

Join us on a Lighthearted Adventure to your Best Self

Your Retreat Leaders​

Erin Byron, MA
Author & Therapist

Erin brings you two decades of enlightening experience. Her down-to-earth presentation style has garnered her interviews with Huffington Post, Yoga Journal, and numerous other media outlets. She has taught over 5000 people from 10 different countries. Her most recent book, Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Mindful Living, sold out in a month. The popular Yoga Therapy for Stress & Anxiety was #1 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases and is #3 on Yoganonymous’ Soul Searcher’s Reading List. Expect inspiration, new ideas and a few shenanigans as well!

Jennifer Thorne
Founder & Director of Participant Experience Nourish Retreats

Jennifer spent 20 years doing “what made sense,” before she realized clinging to the corporate ladder was no way to find balance -- never mind bliss. She retooled her life, becoming a certified Integrative Coach, and Yoga Therapist. Now Jennifer nurtures the “Wow!” in people through Nourish personal transformation retreats. In beautiful locations world-wide. Jennifer’s big thing is for people to feel completely taken care of – adored, in love with themselves, and with the Nourish experience of inner and outer exploration.

"If you want a new perspective or outlook or even to get away from things and everyday life let Erin and Jen treat you and help you get in touch with your inner self."

-  Corinne

Discover your wellspring of laughter – come frolick with us in Costa Rica!

This retreat is right for you if you want to:


This carefully-planned retreat weaves daily workshops, events and excursions into a glorious tapestry of insight and well-being. Life’s exuberant beauty is yours to behold each step of the way.


You are ready for discovery. Find the keys to your unique sense of enlivenment. You will share, reflect upon and practice the personalized experiences that fill your life with smiles.


Re-Ignite Play! gives you the know-how to build an ever-increasing amount of happiness. With the tools and experiences on this retreat, you discover how to bring freedom and laughter into the average day…then there is no such thing as an average day!


This retreat is about connecting you to the truth inside your own body. What that means is, no matter how strong or gentle you want to make the posture, Erin shows you how.


Our time together is about breaking the habits that left you sad and uninspired in the first place. Even seasoned yoga practitioners, artists, dancers, humorists and personal growth devotees will love the chance to explore literal and metaphorical movement in refreshing and engaging new ways.


Interpret the “writing on the wall” to understand why unhappy habits have been an obstacle for so long. Tear down the walls as you revitalize your body and breath, play creatively, bond with like-minded friends, receive pampering and nourishment and let yourself let go. Re-Ignite Play! gives you the tools and strength required to smash what stands between you and a life of joy!

This is my turning point in life!

What's Included:
  • 6 days, 5 nights at the exquisite Retreat at Altos Del Monte, Costa Rica
  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner each day
  • Workshops each day featuring the ancient science and modern art of playfulness and how to apply them to YOUR unique life
  • Daily yoga classes, accessible to all levels
  • All day access to wholesome, mouth-watering nibbles
  • 24-hour hot tub and expressive arts station available
  • Customized keepsake necklace, locally-designed and hand crafted during your retreat
  • Evening Sharing Circle
  • SOL dance session
  • Hula hooping in mountain-fed wading pools
  • Create-Your-Own edible spa delights
  • Guided hike to natural waterfalls and a former gold mine
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Nightly yoga practices to improve sleep
  • Room service charge & tax
  • Group transfers from the airport to The Retreat June 1rd and return June 6th - alternatively private transportation can be arranged for an additional $90US each way.
What's Not Included:
  • Gratuities
  • Personal purchases
  • Roundtrip airfare
  • Travel insurance

Click HERE to explore every detail of the itinerary

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This could be a turning point in your life!

Payment & Cancellation Policy

A non-refundable deposit of $700 USD is required to secure your reservation. The remaining balance is due on or before April 1st 2017. The quoted retreat price does not include airfare. It is the sole responsibility of the participant to secure airline travel. Travel insurance is highly recommended. By registering for a Nourish Retreat, you are agreeing to be bound by our terms and conditions. Click to review a copy of our TERMS AND CONDITIONS. For all passport requirements including expiry dates, please refer to your local government website.

Please note that any cancellations must be received in writing. If you cancel before the final balance is due (April 1st, 2017) your $700 USD non-refundable deposit will be forfeited, any other monies will be reimbursed. No refunds if you cancel after final payment due date.

We reserve the right to cancel the retreat if we do not meet the retreat minimum. In the event the retreat is cancelled by Nourish Retreats, all monies paid will be fully refunded.